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Presented by Amy Pamensky of Spiritual Nutritionist
The End Of Dieting
Discover The 3 Key Methods That My Busy Female Clients 
Are Using To Overcome Emotional Eating......
(And Feel Great Around Food Again!)
What You'll Learn:
  •  Discover the #1 missing tool for successful weight loss the dieting industry doesn't tell us about.
  •  Why the OLD WAY of calorie counting and dieting is DEAD and what to do instead to succeed in the evolving nutrition landscape.
  •  How our clients are following healthy eating plans that work, without having to give up all of their favorite foods.
  •  How busy women can be successful with eating healthy on a consistent basis- even when they have busy schedules and can’t spend hours in the kitchen cooking.
  •  What our clients did to overcome emotional eating and how they no longer rely on food for comfort or to cope with stress.
  •  The 30-Second Presence Practice that helps busy moms to speed up their metabolism and improve their relationship with food.  
  •  And more!
Your Host: Amy Pamensky
Amy Pamensky specializes in helping women to transform their relationship with food and body-image. As an Eating Psychology Coach and Holistic Nutritionist, she uses a mind-body approach to help women overcome their weight loss challenges. 

Amy believes that addressing mindset is essential for creating sustainable healthy eating habits. As a regular contributor to the Chopra Center website and a speaker at local yoga studios and companies, Amy has inspired hundreds of women to live their best life without having to give up their favorite foods.
You'll never have start (or stop) another diet again!
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